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Color: Orange

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Hand-sewn and closed tie.


100% silk twill

lining 20% ​​wool / 80% polyester


57 x 3.1 in

Design Inspiration


According to legend, centuries ago the Huicholes of the mountains did not have enough water and food, so four brave young men set out on a journey in search of provisions. A deer appeared and led them to the Wirikuta desert, in San Luis Potosí, where peyotes flourished in the sunlight. By taking them to their people, the hunger and thirst that afflicted them disappeared, so peyote became the sacred plant that would alleviate their ills and give a new meaning to the traditions that continue to perpetuate to this day. A living example of this is the work of Fernando Benítez, "Embroidery Huicholes", which is currently part of the cultural heritage of CASA PINEDA COVALIN in the city of Querétaro.

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