Where are Pineda Covalin products manufactured?

Pineda Covalin products are manufactured in Mexico with high quality standards. Many items are made in collaboration with artisans of different states in the country.


Where does the silk comes from?

Most of Pineda Covalin’s products are made out with silk. Our silk comes from South Korea because is one of the best silks in the world and one of the most important concerns is our quality.


How do I repair a Pineda Covalin item?

We invite you to bring your Pineda Covalin item to any of our boutiques. You can find our locations at pinedacovalin.us/stores. Our personal will be happy to assist you with your product repair.


Where can I learn the different nods and ways of wearing Pineda Covalin’s scarfs?

In order to best respond to feedback from our friends and customers, please write to ny@pinedacovalin.com; we will be looking forward to satisfying your needs and suggestions.


Where can I see a video to learn about various knots for scarves?

You can find the video of How to Wear our Scarfs in our Vimeo page.


How can I clean a Pineda Covalin’s silk product?

Silk is a natural fiber so we should threat it carefully. We recommend to apply a product Scotchgard® to protect it. We recommend that the cleaning should be made by a professional. We don’t do that kind of service.


I want a promotional design for my company, where can I get the information?

We can personalize promotional items for your company either for the employees or for your clients. Please contact us at ny@pinedacovalin.com