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Color: Blue

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Tie sewn and closed by hand.


100% silk twill lining

20% ​​wool / 80% polyester


57 x 3.1 in

Design Inspiration


In 1325 México - Tenochtitlán was populated by a group of Nahua tribes from Aztlán. Having received the order from their guide god, Huitzilopochtli, they left the place where they were and made a pilgrimage for more than 200 years, until they discovered the sign that he had promised them: an eagle devouring a snake, perched on a cactus. This was the indicator that they would have reached the place where they had to found a new city and a new empire that would be above the others. In it, majestic temples, roads, avenues and canals were built that connected the great city, where the Templo Mayor marked an emblematic place for society. Mexico – Tenochtitlán was an example of a well-structured, hygienic and organized metropolis.

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