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Color: Blue

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Printed poncho with a straight neckline and pleat at the top that gives it an elegant and flattering touch. Versatile garment for all sizes.


100% silk


40.9 x 36.2 in

Design Inspiration


Design inspired by the pre-Hispanic goddesses of the Mexica culture: Coatlicue is the creative mother of the gods: mother of the sun, the moon and the stars. Chicomecóatl is the goddess of corn, provider of good harvests. Cihuacóatl, goddess of fertility, is the protector of women at the time of childbirth. Xochiquétzal is the goddess of beauty, love, flowers and arts and Chalchiuhtlicue is the goddess of terrestrial waters, lakes, rivers, seas and springs. In the Mexica worldview, the presence and intervention in the daily life of female deities is essential to balance and complement the universe.

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