SKU: CA082450230889

Color: Red
Wallet in saffiano finish. It has a zipper to store coins and compartments for cards.

NOTES: The intensity and shades of colors may vary depending on the device in which this product is viewed.

Design patterns on each piece may vary due to different parts of the canvas being taken. Each piece is unique.


exterior 100% polyvinyl chloride


11.5cm x 3cm x 16cm

Design Inspiration


Sacred insect for various cultures. It represents success, happiness, strength and courage. Known as "the guardian of dreams", the dragonfly is linked to the subconscious. It reminds us to live in the present moment. When it appears in our lives, it is the bearer of the winds of change through messages of wisdom that allow us to take flight of new ideas, glimpse horizons and create what we long for in our lives, potentiating change and the transformation of thoughts into powerful actions.

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