SKU: BO06140224451

Color: Red

NOTE: Design patterns on silk may vary due to different parts of the fabric being taken. Each piece is unique.

60% cowhide/40% jacquard silk/100% polyester lining

12 x 5.9 x 10.8 in

Design Inspiration


The Juchitan flowers… A piece of black velvet bears the beautiful embroidered flowers in the Tehuana’s dresses, inspired by the old embroidered silk shawl, which along mangos, rice and spices traversed the seas in the Manila Galleon’s overstocked stores. This attire has suffered many changes, from little daisy clusters embroidered in the three-piece suit to immense roses and now watermelons coloring the Oaxacan festivities. This garment captures a theme from this long tradition and reinterprets it, no longer on the customary silk velvet from Europe or China, but on beautiful silk, which allows to enrich the tradition.

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