SKU: CH03020103557

color: Green

Velvet scarf in a tone that matches the design and matching fringes.


100% silk jacquard

lining 55% rayon / 45% polyester


70 in. x 20 in.

Design Inspiration


Design inspired in Huichol Art. For a long time, the Huichol have preserved their rites and believes, such as the peregrinations they make to San Luis Potosi, during their festivities. Generation to generation, they have jealously kept each of their myths; a fact that allows us to glance at the native world disappeared after the Spain conquest. The ceremonies are linked to the peyote, a hallucinogen plant wich is a basic element for many autochthonous groups in their cosmological rites development; the corn, from which the prehispanic man was created; and the deer, which has a heavenly background. Altogether make up the ceremonial unit. In order to start the ceremony, they offer “Nierikas” (elements to see) as gifts symbolizing their prayers and they open the gates to heaven, the place they inhabit; and their commitment is to work, understand, bless, and preserve it.

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