SKU: AD8015901535168

Color: Pink

Patterned case to store ophthalmic lenses. It has a matching cloth to clean the lenses without scratching them.


100% microfiber outer

100% polyester lining

100% microfiber cloth


6.2 x 2.3 in

Design Inspiration


Design inspired by the tradition of the use of medicinal plants in Mexico. Since ancient times, this practice used by native peoples and known as ethnobotany, has been a resource to alleviate the ills that afflict human beings. As heirs to an ancient tradition in medicinal plants, we pay tribute to their use in Mexico. Among them is aloe vera, with moisturizing and regenerative properties, or arnica, capable of relieving muscle pain just like calendula. On the other hand, passion flower and orange blossom have calming properties to help you fall asleep, while chamomile and dandelion help treat digestive problems.

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