SKU: AD801590155101

Color: Yellow

Printed case to store ophthalmic lenses. It has a matching cloth to clean the lenses without scratching them.


100% microfiber outer

100% polyester lining

100% microfiber cloth


16 x 6cm

Design Inspiration


Design inspired by wild mushrooms, which stand out for their unique shapes, colors, flavors and smells. In Mexico, the diversity of its ecosystems favored the presence of a great variety of wild fungi. In ancient Mexico there were more than 100 native groups that named and used mushrooms on a daily basis. Among the uses that were given to them are: For consumption, the medicinal and ceremonial use of some neurotropic mushrooms to create a link with the divine and as a magical-religious practice in some festivities. Mexico ranks second in the world with more than 371 species of edible wild mushrooms.

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