SKU: CA092450352704

Color: Original

Wallet in saffiano finish. It has a zipper to store coins and compartments for cards.

NOTES: The intensity and shades of colors may vary depending on the device in which this product is viewed.

Design patterns on each piece may vary due to different parts of the canvas being taken. Each piece is unique.


exterior 100% polyvinyl chloride

inside 100% polyester


11cm x 3cm x 20cm

Design Inspiration


Design inspired by Mexican cacti. Since pre-Hispanic times, the attributes and benefits of these plants have been used. The biznaga and the maguey were used for religious rituals, food, medicine, textile fibers, paper and soap. The nopal was considered sacred, since the roots connected to the underworld and the prickly pears, sacred hearts, to the sky, as well as being one of the elements that marked the end of the Aztec pilgrimage. Today some species are in danger of extinction due to the excessive looting of their plants and seeds outside their natural habitat.

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