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Color: Fuchsia

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Structured bag with a trapezoidal shape, metal closure and interior compartments.

NOTE: Design patterns on silk may vary due to different parts of the fabric being taken. Each piece is unique.


60% bovine leather / 40% silk

100% polyester lining


12" x 6" x 11"

Design Inspiration


Design inspired by the axolotl, an endemic animal of Mexico, whose natural habitat is the Xochimilco canals. In Nahuatl, Axolotl means "water monster". It is the bearer of the spirit of the god Xolotl, who, when sacrificed, gave movement to the Fifth Sun. It was also a dish for the pre-Hispanic nobility. Symbol of regeneration and transformation, the axolotl is part of our Mexican cultural identity. It is an endangered species that we must care for and preserve.

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