How to Guide: Use Scarves and Shawls as Accents for Activewear

Colorful Scarves

Everyone is living an active lifestyle these days, and going from yoga class to the market to lunch with a colleague is part of a normal day for many. Women on the go are looking for ways they can wear comfortable activewear throughout the day, and what better way to punch up your outfit than with a colorful, eye-catching Pineda Covalin scarf or shawl? 

You can wear a beautiful scarf like the Dreamcatcher or Maramakame pattern to transform a basic top and leggings into a stunning outfit that works equally well whether you're shopping or heading in to the office. You can wrap these long scarves in many ways or even use more than one to create a colorful top over a simple black tank top or camisole. 

A shorter scarf, like our playful pink Sugar Skulls pattern becomes the perfect headband for that yoga or spinning class, or you can readily convert it to a gypsy-inspired head wrap that people will definitely notice as you go about your daily errands. 


For the office, you might try a Otomi Embroidery shawl. Worn with a simple clip or other accessory and tied at the back it presents a professional look that is still loose and comfortable. For drinks after work, you might tie a Dancing Feathers scarf around your hips, providing a colorful accent and a look that is both sophisticated and sexy.

The key to wearing activewear all day is the ability to accessorize your look to match whatever activity you are doing, and our silk scarves and shawls offer so many beautiful patterns and are so versatile you'll want to have several in your wardrobe.