Simple and beautiful ways to tie a scarf from our online fashion boutique


If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your ensemble, a scarf is a perfect item and it can provide a pop of color, a glimmer of light and gorgeous depth of texture. The problem is, many people are mystified when it comes to tying on these beautiful accessory pieces. 

We're here to help! Below are some simple and beautiful ways to tie scarves in our Essential How to Guide:

  1. The Slip Knot: Arguably the easiest way to tie your item this knot provides a little warmth around the neck. Simply fold it in half lengthwise, then lay it around your neck. Take the fringe ends of the scarf and pull them through the loop end. Pull snugly to secure. Simple and beautiful!
  2. The Mermaid Knot: This is a stylish variation of the slip knot. Fold the scarf as before, but pull only one fringe end through the loop. Take the other fringe end and pull it through the loop the opposite direction. Call it a pretzel or mermaid or Celtic knot, this is a beautiful way to tie scarves. 
  3. Faux Knot: At its full length, lay your item  around your neck with the ends even. Take one side and make a loose tie about halfway down - but don't pull it tight. You'll want to have an open loop. Take the other fringed end and pull it through the open loop until the ends are even. Pull until snug.
  4. Parisian Knot: Depending on the thickness and size of your scarf, you're either going to roll or scrunch it lengthwise. Wrap it around your neck, then tie it in a double knot near your neck - snug but not tight. (You'll want to be able to untie it easily.) Slide the knot in position over one of your collarbones. Very chic!

So, there are many, many other ways to tie scarves, but these are some of the simplest knots to get you started. Our beautiful selection of scarves and shawls comes in dozens of prints and colors. We're sure you'll find something you really love at our online fashion boutique.