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The morning of December 9th, 1531, at the top of the Tepeyac, the Guadalupana, the Mother of all Mexicans appeared for the first time in front if Juan Diego, a Macehual Indian. In Prehispanic times, the Aztecs worshiped the goddess Teotenantzin (Noble little Indian, our mother) in the old temple located in the Tepeyac. The appearances of the Virgin in Mexico started 10 years after the fall and conquest of Tenochtitlan; in the midst of a shinning whiteness a Lady very similar to the one that can be seen in its blessed image, brought her precious and holy will and message to the Tepeyac Hill. Surrounding the main image of the Guadalupana are represented the four appearances of the Virgin to Juan Diego, the smallest of her sons. The celebration of this miracle is on December 12th; the design was inspired on a 17th Century altarpiece.

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