is an invitation to travel across the roads of Latin America by looking ahead to modern world through the eyes of its history, traditions, cultural diversity, ethnic multiplicity and plentiful imagination. It is also a well-deserved tribute to anonymous creators who captured Latin Ameri- can cosmogony throughout time in fantastic designs.

We represent the transmutation of ancient cultural expressions that re-emerge to modern life. It is valuable testimony of our popular culture reflected in the mirror of the world.

́s designs are registered. In case that there is any external collaboration, we have signed reproduction agreements with artists, craft- speople and institutions such as INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and His- tory), Museo Zacatecano and Bank of Mexico.

promotes the “country brand” by spreading our traditions through alliances.

Our purpose is to introduce Latin American by showing its art objects. Through our products we awaken feelings of nostalgia and bond to our homeland by creating curiosity for traveling throughout our country re valuing our culture.


We join to UN Women to achieve a violence free life and equality for all women and girls.

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UN Women

contributes to the legacy of our ancestors through unique handcrafted designs created by people in Tenango de Doria, San Nicolás and Acaxochitlán communities in the state of Hidalgo, where every piece has inside a history in which artist’s soul is captured.

SAVE THE CHILDREN A foundation fighting for children’s rights providing immediate, long-lasting improvements in children’s lives that live in vulnerable conditions through its different programs. Mexican painter Fernando Andriacci joined this effort; his brushstrokes capture colorful images reflecting different emotions. We reproduced his work on silk and a percentage of the sales benefited more than 34,000 Mexican boys and girls.

Pineda Covalin is member of Visión Mundial’s board.

Along with Visión Mundial (“Worldwide Vision” in English), a non-profit foundation, we support education for native children in state of Oaxaca.